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We love Chris Colfer on Glee. He gives an incredibly emotional performance week in and week out.

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Chris Colfer is a actor, who knows what real acting is. Cause his character, Kurt from Glee, is a dramatic character, but yet emotional. That's because his heart, is very useful in ways in using drama, as a feedback Kurt's life to look at things, in Kurt's world that look different. Kurt would be using his vulnerability, in expressiveness and knows how to act, in more of a dramatic field. He chooses his feelings over something that he would feel. Either he feels what's in his heart, either it's the way he chooses from being felt, like he never felt before. Like on never been kissed, but found Blaine at Dalton, to get away from Karofsky, and felt safe, protected and secured. Kurt felt special to Blaine, when Blaine gave Kurt his first kiss. I google. Cause Kurt had trusted Blaine. Kurt never gave up on Blaine. That is what made them Klaine. When Season 3 of Glee rolls around, he had that comfort zone with Blaine and but with challenges in that adult relationship goes into a hard life, but they went through it and survived it all. When season 4 of glee goes around, that is where it dramas Kurt's heart, some encouragement, but feeling into it. Kindive like drama and matters of the heart, love reconnection. But Kurt had thought about Blaine that entire time, through his heart and his time in need, where he had to confine in Blaine, when Kurt is upset. Kurt loves Blaine, just like Blaine loves Kurt, when Kurt sang to Black bird. what would Kurt do, if he wants to accept Blaine's future? And what would Kurt do right now to be in Blaine's future, in this very moment? Sincerely Lori from Minnesota

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