Chris Brown on Good Morning America
Chris Brown was NOT pleased on Good Morning America this morning. That's because the show repeatedly asked him about Rihanna, and not buying his album, yo.

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cant yall just get over it its OLD!!!!!! O.L.D OLD PEOPLES GET A LIFE!!!!


Why does he look like that! Are you serious blonde hair, and tatts now. He really needs help, blonde hair and Rihanna has red. All the tatts because he is ashame, and putting on this bad bore image. I understand the concept of being a performer, and performing. Give it up and heal from it already. Grow up Chris and stop showing signs of anger. You approved the questions didn't you, she is just doing her job. And you made it so obvious.


well..bad stuff happens,,,and i mean people are going to bring up that incident no matter what...i mean if he's insulted by that..oh is a talk show...suck it up..and behave like an adult...come on Chris!!! was all of this necessary..over a question on a "talk show"


they just need to leave that coulpe alone and let them live there live come if that was you. you would say stop the bullshit and leave me the hell alone what happend happend its over and done with put the past behind you and move forward come on people

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