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This is Chantal O'Brien. She is a contestant on The Bachelor. She belts Brad in the face in the premiere ... then goes on to win, if you believe the spoilers out there!

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this season like so many end up with swaering of undying love and months later they split ..the first season was the best
they should get rid of the fantasy dates and get back to the basics of what true romance is .. honesty , being true to your self and others ,, If this vertict is to believed then I sad for Emily


once again reality steve claims to have the spoilers for this season's bachelor and i must say that i believe him this time, these articles are very convincing and besides that they on point too. hope chantal wins as they claim to me she is the only great girl there that he so needs in his life. am looking forward for that dramatic finally.


i seriously do thin that brad needed that slap across the face. he needs to forget about the past and focus on the future, he apologizes too much for that mistake which was done three years ago, bothe deanna and jennie has both moved on he is the only one stuck in the past, he better get out soon.

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Chantal O'Brien Pic
Chantal O’Brien is a contestant on The Bachelor in Brad Womack's (second season). She is first girl out of the limo who slaps Brad... More »
Mercer Island, Washington
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Chantal O'Brien