Wendy Williams goes off on Kimye in this talk show segment. She thinks their marriage is fake.
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Wendy Williams addresses Prince's death in this still image from her really awful, terrible talk show.
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Wendy Williams sucks! The talk show host slams Taylor Swift for some reason in the segment from which we took this photo.
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Wendy Williams is naked here for PETA. She would rather wear no clothes at all than don fur.
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Wendy Williams criticized Beyonce for using the term "Becky" to describe white women.
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Wendy Williams is a really annoying talk show host. It's unclear why folks like her.
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Jon Gosselin talks to Wendy Williams in this photo. We're not sure who we dislike more.
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Down with Wendy Williams! The talk show host always thinks she has something important to say, even though she never does.
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Wendy Williams commented on Jesse Williams' BET Speech on her talk show in July 2016.
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We do not like Wendy Williams at all. She is full of herself and she'll say anything on air just to get attention.
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Wendy Williams is incredibly annoying. But people like watching her talk show for some reason.
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The Game appears here as a guest on The Wendy Williams Show. We really hate her as a talk show host.
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