Rihanna is good at many things. But her best talent in life may be Twerking, as you can see here.
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Nicki Minaj twerking like a woman possessed at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards!
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Kim Kardashian Twerking in one of the best GIFs ever created by the Internet. Seriously, Internet. Well done sir!
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Katy Perry loves Twerking. Or just bouncing up and down. Gotta love it.
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Nicki Minaj Twerking is a sight to behold. A lovely one, at that.
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Kate Upton Twerking up a storm. It is what it is, people. Enjoy it. Relish it.
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Miley Cyrus as a Twerking bobblehead doll. Or bobble-butt, to be more accurate ...
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Look at a young, pre-baby Kim Kardashian gettin' her Twerk on!
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The letters in Miley Cyrus' alphabet soup spell out Twerk. Who would have guessed.
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A hot GIF of Nicki Minaj Twerking. Girl knows how to werk it!
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Nicki Minaj Twerks up a storm. Standard fare for Nicki.
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Miley Cyrus Twerks up a storm in this photo. She really loves doing that dance.
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