Duck Tales! Woo-ooh! Disney is bringing back the classic show in the near future!
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Jamie Otis of The Bachelor fame is now getting Married at First Sight. Good times.
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The Walking Dead season 4 will come to a close on Sunday night. Check out the first look at this poster for the season 4 finale now !
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Sarah Goldberg has passed away. The actress was only 40 years old.
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James Scott of NBC's Days of Our Lives fame. He quit the show, he reveals, after smoking some weird drugs.
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Samy and Amy Bouzaglo appeared on Kitchen Nightmares on Fox. Their epic social media tirades followed.
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Tania Raymonde is set to play Jodi Arias in a Lifetime movie.
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Lily James is featured in this still from Downton Abbey. James will play Cinderella in an upcoming live-action movie.
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