Britney Spears went with a low-cut top for the 2015 Teen Choice Awards. Hey, no objection to it here!
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Lucy Hale smiles for the camera on the Teen Choice Awards red carpet. She would go on to win a surfboard at the event.
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It was a big night for Taylor Swift at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards. Among other honors, she received the Ultimate Choice Award.
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Gotta admire Rupert Grint for not really trying too hard at the Teen Choice Awards. Dude pretty much just came as he was.
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When you look like Ian Somerhalder, you don't need to rely on fashion. The actor poses here at the Teen Choice Awards in a t-shirt and jeans.
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Shay Mitchell portrays Emily on Pretty Little Liars. Do you approve of her Teen Choice Award fashion decision?
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Rebecca Black poses here at the Teen Choice Awards. Who knew one YouTube video could make one so famous?!?
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Darren Criss is a major fan favorite. Gleeks have fallen in love with his character of Blaine.
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