Bella Thorne shows off some serious skin while hanging all over boyfriend Tyler Posey. The two are well-known for their social media PDAs showing off lots of affection—and lots of toned tummies.
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I would pause my game for you, which means you must be really special.
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This is what long-term relationships aspire to be like in the age of the iPhone.
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If you love someone more than pizza, he or she must be a keeper ... because PIZZA!!
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I heart you ... but with a fairly long and involved disclaimer.
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Let's just put that out there at the onset before we get too serious.
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For these two neighbors, fighting about loud sex has become a heated - and public - issue.
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Kelly Forrester Cottle and Jesse Cottle in a photo by Sarah Ledford that has gone viral and inspired tens of thousands.
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Check out this amazing photo of an old lady flipping off the camera and ruining a couple's engagement photo.
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This elementary school love letter, and the recipient's response, tells you all there is to know about love among the single-digit set.
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This woman can't bear the thought of getting married after her recent divorce. So she ducks the bouquet toss hard!
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This couple just got engaged. Take a look at the bottom left corner of the photo. It also just announced it is expecting a baby. Oops!
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