Phuc Dat Bich, the Australian man with a name so awesome (and awkward) that no one believes it's real, even Facebook.
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Shaniqua Johnson was arrested for using a sausage in an unorthodox way inside a Walmart. That's just insane man.
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When her new husband left the wedding to play paintball, this bride took her wedding party to McDonald's.
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This is some good parenting right here. Makes you a little sad for humanity.
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Halle Berry's ex-husband David Justice took to Twitter to rant about his ex-wife.
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A woman slept next to her husband's decomposing corpse for over a year.
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Reports claim Aaron Rodgers is gay and just broke up with his boyfriend and roommate Kevin Lanflisi. Scandalous!
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These are underwear models. It's a great stock pic that you can interpret any number of ways.
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Curvy Girl lingerie encourages photo submissions from the regular women who wear their attire in an attempt to promote healthy self-esteem.
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A still from the since-removed Harriet Tubman sex tape that Russell Simmons' website posted.
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Pope Francis embraces a disfigured man in a moment that has gone viral online.
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Kelli Stapleton's mug shot after her arrest for attempted murder. She is accused of trying to end her autistic daughter's life.
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