Gabi Finalyson was forced to wear a winter coat at her school dance to cover up this dress. Seriously.
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These are underwear models. It's a great stock pic that you can interpret any number of ways.
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The Hurst family from Georgia dresses as The Wizard of Oz for Halloween
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Comcast has issued an apology after its mailings changed a customer's first name to "A--hole" as seen here. Keep it classy.
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Brianne Altice, a Utahl teacher accused of having sex with a teenage student, has pleaded not guilty to felony rape.
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The Diary of Anne Frank. This book just keeps on causing controversy.
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This Michigan family has 12 sons, with a 13th baby on the way. Think it will be a boy or girl?!
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This family got an invoice after no-showing a five-year-old's birthday party. Seriously.
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This makes you want to go to Redneck Heaven ... or does it?
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Jessica Eaves confronts man who stole her wallet while she was grocery shopping
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Julie Sondra Decker calls herself an asexual, lives a happy, sex-free existence.
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The 17-year cicadas are coming! Look out, East Coast in 2013.
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