A waitress received "LOL" as a tip. And after posting a pic of the receipt on Facebook, thousands have weighed in on proper tipping etiquette.
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A woman spelled whore incorrectly while trying to key the word into her boyfriend and best friends cars.
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Slain cameraman Adam Ward proposed to his girlfriend in April. His finance, who works at the station, witness the shooting live from the control room.
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Amanda Fisher found her doppleganger on social media. The two are not related, but they look identical!
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Check out this naked eBay seller in the mirror of the dress she's trying to auction! We'd bid on that any day! The dress, that is. See link below for the full story ...
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William Lindauer is a Colorado man who set his estranged wife's house on fire ... after another man was liking her Facebook posts.
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A new ad for Bugaboo strollers has some moms outraged!
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A still from the since-removed Harriet Tubman sex tape that Russell Simmons' website posted.
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