Shelley Dufresne (right), 32, and Rachel Respess (left), 24, are accused of having sex with an underage high school student ... together. At the same time.
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The Hurst family from Georgia dresses as The Wizard of Oz for Halloween
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Erica Lynne Mesa has admitted having sex with multiple students at a Virginia high school. She even made one wait in the basement while servicing another.
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Lisa Colagrossi has passed away after suffering a brain hemorrhage on the job. The veteran NYC news reporter was just 49 years old.
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These are underwear models. It's a great stock pic that you can interpret any number of ways.
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Heather Hironimus and her son Chase, with whom she is fighting the boy's estranged father in the father's quest to have him circumsised.
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Andreas Lubitz, the co-pilot of the Germanwings flight that crashed into the Alps this week, crashed it on purpose, according to police.
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The Diary of Anne Frank. This book just keeps on causing controversy.
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