Gotta love Jenelle Evans nude with Kieffer Delp. Why can't she ever drop that guy like she does her pants?
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That would be a tattoo of a marijuana leaf on Rihanna's perfect ass. Appreciate the photo, Rihanna.
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This is Christmas Abbott, NASCAR's new pit crew badass, nude in Inked. WOW!
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Lady Gaga gets a huge tattoo, and no pants are being worn in the process of her getting it.
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JWoww from Jersey Shore shows off her new tattoo. And her ass. It's not small. We don't mean that in a negative way, it's actually a hot pic. Just saying.
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Aaron Hernandez is a man of many tattoos. And criminal investigations it appears.
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This tattoo has created a stir for Miley Cyrus. It shows her support for gay marriage.
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Rihanna's new tattoo is a tribute to living life HARD. Thug life baby.
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Vinny Guadagnino gets shirtless and shows off his tattoo on Jersey Shore.
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Rihanna's latest tattoo is this awesome falcon. Way to go Rih. Looks hot girl.
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Chris Brown has a lot of tattoos. And rage issues.
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Sinead O'Connor and her husband Barry Herridge are back together! That separation was as short-lived as the marriage that preceded it!
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