Janine Lindemulder's most recent mugshot, taken in July 2011. She has tattoos and harasses Jesse James a lot.
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Betsy Brashear has been charged with attempting to commit lewd acts on a minor. That being a teenage boy at the gym she works at.
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Flavor Flav needs to get it together. Dude was arrested in the mother of all traffic stops in May 2015.
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Jaime Pressly was popped for DUI in early 2011. Here's a nice mug shot commemorating that feat.
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Curtis Jackson, you're busted.
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This is Salwa Amin of Buckwild fame. Her mug shot was taken after a drug arrest.
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Nice one, Vince.
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This is Ja Rule's mug shot. He is doing some time for gun and tax charges.
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