The Shannon Twins were arrested for possible aggravated battery in January 2008. Here's their mug shot, courtesy of the Pinellas, Florida .County Sheriff's Department
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Randy and Evi Quaid mug shots from October 2015. They are a couple without a country these days.
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Khloe Kardashian violated her parole, following an arrest for drunk driving. Here's a mug shot for the large-breasted member of the Kardashian clan.
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Bree Olson was arrested for drunk driving in February 2011. This came after she spent a night with Charlie Sheen.
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Robert Carnes, Jr., is Akon's business manager. He was arrested for allegedly laying out Suge Knight and faces an aggravated assault charge.
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Brittanya O'Campo was a finalist on a season of Rock of Love. She was then sentenced to six months in jail for assault.
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Aaron Carter's older brother. This guy banged Paris Hilton... talk about an exclusive feat.
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Baywatch babe in the slammer.
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Wonder if he had a sixth sense about getting busted for all the crazy illegal shit he was doing.
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This is an all-time classic.
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Sexiest Man Alive... in the jail cell that night, baby.
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