Jenny Peak really did a number on ... Jenny Peak. These injuries were self inflicted via crowbar and wall.
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This is Brianne Altice, the Utah teacher who was arrested for having sex with her student(s).
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Jodi Arias stands accused of murdering Travis Alexander. This is the alleged killer's mug shot.
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This is Rudy Eugene. He is the man who apparently began eating another man's face in Miami before being shot to death.
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Suge Knight's mug shot following his 2015 arrest for murder, following a hit and run accident.
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Janine Lindemulder's most recent mugshot, taken in July 2011. She has tattoos and harasses Jesse James a lot.
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This is Ronald Poppo. The man was victimized by Rudy Eugene's face-eating attack in Miami and is in serious condition.
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This is Casey Anthony's mug shot. She's accused of murdering her daughter Caylee.
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