Salma Hayek's new baby is very lucky. How come? Look at this photo for the two big reasons why.
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Casey Aldridge, Maddie Briann Aldridge and Jamie Lynn Spears - such a wonderful portrait of American living. Gotta love the l'il family.
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New Gerber Baby Grace sure is a cutie. She beat out 180,000 other babies for the endorsement gig!
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Bill Clinton shares an adorable moment here with his son-in-law and his newborn grandson. The latter is named Aidan.
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Chelsea Clinton gave birth to a son in June of 2016. This is your first look at little Aidan. He's perfect!
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Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson with baby Bronx Mowgli.
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Elsa Pataky shared a photo of her new babies on Instagram. Or at least a picture of their baby feet! ADORABLE!
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Clay Aiken carries his newborn son, Parker Foster Aiken, in August of 2008. Mother Jaymes Foster was released from the hospital where she gave birth.
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Levi McConaughey is the son of Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves. There's little shock, in that case, that he's so cute.
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Say hello to Kim Zolciak's daughter. She's pretty cute, isn't she?
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No, seriously, she was named that. By like a real poll! We've already forgotten which, but come on - do you really wanna argue?
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Marisa Miller holds her adorable son in this photo at the San Francisco 49ers game. What a cutie!
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