Whoa there, Kendall Jenner! The 17-year old raised some eyebrows by releasing this especially alluring photo on Instagram.
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Jessica Simpson in a bikini circa 2001. Man, life was good back then for Maxim.
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Kaley Cuoco looking sexy as all getout. What a hottie she is.
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Ava London in a bikini photo, screen grabbed from one of her videos before she was literally grabbed by Hank Baskett and ... well you know the rest.
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Hottest Jessica Simpson bikini photograph ever. Look at that body.
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Katy Perry in a bikini in Rolling Stone. That is what we're talking about.
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Emily Ratajkowski posts a bikini photo on Instagram and makes a play for Hottest Woman Alive status.
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Kendall Jenner strolls along the beach in Thailand in this Instagram photo. Looks like a lovely spot.
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Kate Middleton in a gorgeous bikini photo from her recent vacation. Unfortunately for Kate, she was also seen in a lot less.
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Farrah Abraham's sex tape cover. Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. Classy title.
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Kate Middleton looking gorgeous and topless in Chi Magazine. Kinda shady of the paparazzi who took these but here you go.
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Amber Heard is so hot. Have U Heard?!
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