Kaley Cuoco in a bikini. Life is good right now if you're a guy ... named Ryan Sweeting.
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Rachel Uchitel and her now-husband, Matt Hahn. She's good at arching her back and wearing little clothing.
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Ava London in a bikini photo, screen grabbed from one of her videos before she was literally grabbed by Hank Baskett and ... well you know the rest.
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Alex Morgan nude in Sports Illustrated. That's an awesome body paint bikini and an awesome photo.
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Victoria's Secret model Erin Heatherton? Not a bad looking female. Do you care to disagree? See pic above. Enough said.
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Beyonce looking hot as heck in a bikini in a photo she posted on Tumblr. We officially love Tumblr. And her. And bikinis. Win win win people.
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Ashley Graham has no shame.. nor should she! The plus-size model rocks a black bikini in this photo from ELLE UK.
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Heather Clem is now famous for having sex with Hulk Hogan on camera. Here, she poses for Look Swimwear.
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