Natalie is a 26-year-old event coordinator from Franklin Park, New Jersey. She has never lived with a man in her house... not even her father!
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Bronte is 23-years-old and lives in Denver, Colorado. She is currently a student and thinks that Derrick Lavasseur played a great game. She wants people to say that during her time in the house, she was like a female version of Derrick. Okay then.
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Jozea is a 25-years-old who lives in Los Angeles. He is a makeup artist and loved Frankie Grande from Big Brother 16's game play.
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Zakiyah is 24-years-old from Charlotte, North Carolina. She works as a preschool teacher and thinks that Season 11's winner, Jordan Lloyd was hilarious, innocent and sweet, like herself.
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This is Big Brother 15 star Aaryn Gries nude. That is all we've got for you. Speaks for itself though we figure.
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Tiffany is 32-year-old High School teacher from Palm Beach, Florida. She is the sister of last year's master manipulator, Vanessa Ray. She thinks that it's best to go in quietly in order to let the big targets take one another out first.
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Paulie is 27-years-old from Howell, New Jersey. He is the brother of Season 16's Cody Calafiore. Cody was a fantastic player, so look for his brother to have given him some tips. Paulie is a DJ who believes that nothing ever grows in a comfort zone.
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Paul is 23-years-old from Tarzana, Abrahamian. He works as a clothing designer. He finds it very easy to manipulate people into his way of thinking.
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Porsche Briggs on Big Brother 13. She is not smart ... or is she just PLAYING dumb?!
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Evel Dick Donato is out of Big Brother 13. Sad for fans of the cagey season eight champ.
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Evel Dick Donato was returning to Big Brother 13. But he has apparently left already and will not be competing this season.
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This is the have not room for the first week of Big Brother. This is disturbing stuff!
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