Vanessa is a 32-year-old professional poker player from Vegas. She says the toughest part of living in the Big Brother house will be being separated from her girlfriend.
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Shelli is a 33-year-old interior designer from Atlanta. Her favorite activities are shopping, decorating and enjoying dinner and wine with friends.
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Clay is a 23-year-old grad student from College Station, Texas. He says his main interests are sports, hunting and fishing.
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Becky Burgess is a 26-year-old retail manager from Denver. She describes herself as "competitive, spontaneous, and happy."
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This is Big Brother 15 star Aaryn Gries nude. That is all we've got for you. Speaks for itself though we figure.
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Liz is a 23-year-old marketing consultant from Miami. She describes herself as "outgoing, likable, and determined."
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Audrey Middleton on Big Brother 17. Will her historic run as the show's first transgender contestant come to an early end?
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Porsche Briggs on Big Brother 13. She is not smart ... or is she just PLAYING dumb?!
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