This "Average Women's Magazine Cover" mocks Cosmo and envisions what an honest magazine cover for women would say.
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Talia Castellano has passed away. She was just 13 and will be forever remembered.
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Barbie with no makeup looks different, that's for sure. A lot different.
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Check out these before and after makeup pics. People on Reddit are fired up about them for a number of reasons.
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Ashley VanPevenage had an allergic reaction to benzoyl, and after it caused her acne to flare up, she had her makeup artist friend help her out. This transformation went viral.
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Celebutard is the lipstick from Kat Von D that has been pulled by Sephora. Can't imagine why.
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Chelsea Handler's facial looks a little worn out after just a few days. She showcases her natural expressions in an Instagram post shared nearly a week after her procedure.
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