Alicia Keys will sing the national anthem prior to the Super Bowl in February 2013. We are sure she'll do a great job.
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Alicia Keys is a vision here at the 2014 Grammy Awards. She's gorgeous in blue.
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Alicia Keys stuns here at the 2013 Grammy Awards. Do you like her dress?
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Looking good, Alicia Keys! The singer has sent out this bikini photo via Instagram.
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Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys got married in 2010.
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Alicia Keys makes like Angelina Jolie. Kinda sorta. Wow she's gorge.
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Alicia Keys in a bikini. Nice photo from her man Swizz Beatz.
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Alicia Keys shows off her baby bump and announces her second pregnancy alongside her husband in this cute photo.
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Alicia Keys is very nude on Instagram in this photo. She's very nude and she's very much pregnant.
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Swizz Beatz cradles the tummy of Alicia Keys in this cute photo. The latter gave birth to a boy in late 2014.
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