Casey Anthony on Trial
Casey Anthony looks on as tapes are played showing her allegedly caught in some pretty damning lies.

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This was a good example of how strong our justice system is. The answers can be plain as day but if you cant answer them then kits not enough. It should be difficult of hell to convict someone of a capital offense. Now, that goes to sayin the HO killed the baby. Can you imagine the first person to recognize her threw her disguises? ha ha she will sleep with one eye open the rest of her life


i would like to do her.


I have no doubt that casey killed caylee. If your 2 year old were missing, a normal mom would be begging everyone for help.
She is a phycho. There is no reason for what she did. Even if she was raped everyday, she was able to leave when she was 18.
Lots of people were molested and or tortured, but they don't kill their babies and throw them in the brush to rot. She is an evil, spoiled brat who needs to face th consequences for her actions.


FRY BITCH FRY, for you know you killed your baby girl now it is time for you to pay for your sins with your life, for your baby didnt do nothing short of loving you and wanting you to love her back the same, instead you took her life for spiteful reasons now you shall be done the same

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