Casey Anthony, Dog
Run for it pooch!

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Boy that poor little dog looks horrified to be near that baby killer. Even small animals know what kind of monster she is. That's more than we can say about her new BFF Cheney Mason.


Just seeing her happy face makes me know she is not grieving over that lil girl that was suffocated with chloroform than covered with duct tape over her mouth so in case she wakes up in the trunk around midnight noone would her hear scream. Just imagining the torture and how freaking scared that lil baby girl was when she woke up in the dark trunk. Numerous nights that lil girl with stood a situation that is unimaginable. i could never smile after my child died. I could not breathe. I would not want to live, esp if there is no other child than the one you just lost. Nothing left to live for is how you feel is you really loved and care about your baby. I am appalled she is free. It is just completely unbelievable.


Is it just me or do her arms look a bit thick?

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