Carmen Electra at the SAG Awards
Carmen Electra is falling way out of her dress at the SAG Awards. We like it!

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I love Carmen Electra's dress, however her pose knocks a rating of 5 down to a 1. Next time, pose as a movie star not as a porn star.

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Nikki Nelson/
2013 SAG Awards
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Carmen Electra Quotes

We are going to enjoy being engaged for now and just do that. It's funny because people think you are getting married tomorrow, and we just want to take our time and take things very slow.

Carmen Electra [on setting a wedding date with Rob Patterson]

You can't really compare people. This is something new and exciting, so we will see where it goes. I am very happy.

Carmen Electra [when asked to compare soon-to-be third husband Rob Patterson with previous two, Dave Navarro and Dennis Rodman]