Carlton on RHOBH
Carlton on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is always one to stir up some drama.


Joyce, So very proud of you from one Puerto Rican woman to an other !!!! Wepa !!!! We come in all sizes shapes and colors. Don't degrade yourself & get down to their levels , Yes educate the ignorant ones. Rise above them. Remember , we are Beautiful &
very intelligent ! P.S I'm a blonde Green eyed Boricua woman & I can't swim...Lol I was born in Ponce Puerto Rico
in a rural valley named Juachin ! There is a river named Serrillo. I can't swim !!! But, I'll say one thing, my familia bought that finca from the Serralles familia. I go into the river.
I can't swim. But I wet my body at the edge . Stand up to those
mujeres con muchos conplejos !! Your are a Bella Puerto Rican woman !!!! Make me proud, stick to your guns !!!

@ Lillian

Joyce, Carlton is a phony so don't fear her. You and Kyle are to smart for her and she knows it.She's where she is because she planned it that way- married her boss. There is no substance to Carlton.

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