Carla Bruni Nude
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Here's the First Lady of France... in the buff! Yes, Carla Bruni naked pictures are in the April issue of GQ. Can you imagine seeing Hillary Clinton like this? On second though, don't even try to.

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Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Nicolas Sarkozy

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy and Nicolas Sarkozy just welcomed their first child together! Congratulations!

Carla Bruni Nude Photo

This nude photo of Carla Bruni was taken in 1994, when she was 26 and dating Mick Jagger. She is now the First Lady of France. A hot First Lady of France.

Carla Bruni Naked

This Carla Bruni naked photo has become the center of a political scandal involving her husband, French President Nicolas Sarkozy. Who cares, right? The man gets to come home to Carla Bruni naked after legislating all day. Props.

No Promises

The album cover of No Promises, the latest CD from Carla Bruni. Celebrity gossip followers may simply know this singer as the new First Lady of France.

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i love every photo of miss carla bruni. just beautiful lady love you ....saul museri,,brooklyn n,y


yes ranjeet i truly suport ur feelings .butquestion what if ur wife or doughter will do the same?don't mind i know she can't b thr .but always try to c things in right way ass hole.ask ur mom to b b slut of obama. i know ur openminded


Why people are making issue of these things. It's her personal life and she is free to do any activity. I think this is not a sin. This activity shows her boldness and the message from her that don't underestimate female.


the "coprincess" ofAndorra...if she wasn'y...does this pictures where so visited?
Almost everyone knew, years ago, that she's just a sexobject and a "everything is OK if u reach the top"..,poor Sarko...he will need somethink more than 3cm more in his shoes...the first "lady" which FRANCE has to have!!!


phew!!! ... does sarkozi really deserve dis???
naaaah ,,,,, dis thing is too hot ... he wont be able to hold for long ..... i thnk carla bruni is gettin more ravishing wit de passin of time