Hey, it's Reign Disick! Kourtney Kardashian poses here with her very cute six-month child.
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Yanet stands in front of a green screen. Like anyone is actually looking at the weather graphics.
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Yanet knows her best angles. It's easy when every angle is your best angle.
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Hey, that's Shawn Booth! In bed with Kaitlyn Bristowe! Did The Bachelorette spoil her show's ending by posting this photo online?
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He have no idea if she knows a heat index from a hurricane but we can't imagine anyone improving on her profession. You win the crown, Weather Queen.
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Jim Bob, John David and Josh Duggar pose for a nice photo. What a happy and totally normal family, right?
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And single. Any takers, ladies?
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Sean at a charity event. This guy always looks like he wants to to punch somebody.
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