Bundchen the Beautiful
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Gisele Bundchen is photographed here in the pages of GQ. In case you live under a rock, she's a Victoria's Secret model and the girlfriend of Tom Brady.

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Gisele Balenciaga Campaign

Gisele poses here for Balenciaga. We wonder if Tom Brady approves of this unusual look.

Gisele for Balenciaga

This is a very different look for Gisele. Check out her latest campaign on behalf of Balenciaga.

Gisele Bundchen with Short Hair

This ad marks a different side of Gisele Bundchen. A short-haired side, that is.

Gisele Balenciaga Ad

Whoa there, Gisele Bundchen! The model has gone very short with her hair for this Balenciaga ad.

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She really looks like a scary anorexic man there. Women do not have thighs (or asses) like that!! And that face is rough-she looks like a tranny prostitute wasting away from aids. Yeck! What is wrong with people? I haven't seen a pretty model since the mid '90s.