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That's basically Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt summed up in one word. What a couple of crazies.

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Heidi and Spencer Reflect

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt take a brief break from playing with balls on the set of Just Go With It. Is their recent split-up a huge sham?

Fake Boobs on Display

Fake boobs are totally on display here. There's Heidi and there's Spencer. Oh, and she's also displaying her breastal region.

Crystal Balling

Heidi Montag holds a crystal ball of some kind. We really have no explanation for this, sorry.

Montag Cleavage

Heidi Montag rocks some serious, silicone-enhanced cleavage in this here pic. What a fake hottie.

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You guys are such a joke!! Nobody likes you.....go away! AND Heidi, are you freaking kidding me! You look so fake and cheap! You look like a porno star! You dress like a street walker! Why would you want to alter your looks to that extreme?? I feel so bad for your parents. Your husband is the biggest a-hole, tool bag I have ever seen in my life. I hope once the Hills ends, we don't ever have to see the two of you again.


ugh your eally so full of yourseslf dude grow up i mean heidi i use to love u but ur likke no your are a hundred percent fake dude and you spencer im suprised its heide in the spotlight and you not hahahahaha chille cawdine