Let's face it. That's what you scream every time you see this woman on a TV or computer screen. It's okay, you can admit it.

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This is for the people that can read this. Please stop calling that woman Kate Gosselin the Bitch, cause she is not a bitch , she's a mother , that doesn't understand yet the breaking of her family and what will happen later in life. The children will be blaming you for not keeping the family together and they will blame you for taking they're father away.


Why does everyone pick on her so much?? I don't scream B*tch. Lets not forget she's not the one who was caught cheating. However, I don't think I agree with the them still pursuing the T.V show; "their boat has sailed". Now is the time to be out of the lime light and reevaluate the families situation. Let's face it, its kinda of disturbing that for such a strong individual and some who appears to love her kids very much and wants the best for them, is still continuing to expose them on national television during this circus. TLC should be ashamed of themselves too for not backing off. America doesn't really need to watch this circus unfold...half of Americans know what divorce is like. Am sure there are many other ways TLC can make money.

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