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Brandi Glanville is the FORMER wife of Eddie Cibrian. They have two children. He left her to be with LeAnn Rimes.

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Brandi don't change who you are. People are so envious. I think you are great.


Leave Brandi alone she is a good person. If Eddie had an affair with another woman what would LeAnn and other people say about that. The saying is once a cheat always a cheat.


brandi is low down and dirty. nothing but a snake eddie should ask for dna for the boys.


Brandi, your so pretty .how does he wake uo to that dirty lil troll .her voice even sucks now ,or maybe i just can't stand to here her ,the old saying is you lose them how you got them ,and not good for them .has antone even looked at that face ,girl your so pretty i watch the shoe to see you and i'm married to a great man for 25 yrs. not guy ,not that theres anything wrong with being guy ,i'm just saying i'm not but if i was you would be my type ,I would run from Mrs. thing sorry but i use to lile her but i just can't take her bonus kids ,i'm happy she's good to your chidren but your yhere mommy and i'm sure they know that very much so . and don't let those rich fake people ,but Lisa and Ken tell you what to say ,if Lisa does it's from her heart and it's cute how Ken takes up for his lil pretent girlfriend .you can tell your good for his ego ,and Lisa knows it's all fun and games .that makes it even better ,because that ass Paul alway's thinks hes sating something .and the joke is on him .good day Brandi and God Bless you and your boy's even LeeAnn because she's around your lil men

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