Brad Womack Sits Alone
No one measured up to Brad Womack's high standards, so the Bachelor star sat alone and contemplated how he let DeAnna Pappas and Jenni Croft both walk. Poor Brad Womack.

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omg. dont know whta to say


Yes, Brad was right to opt out of marriage if he couldn't make that choice of love for one woman- but- I feel he mislead both Jenni and DeAnna. Somehow each of them felt they would be chosen as the THE girl for Brad.
Brad does seem to have a committment/relations problem. This problem has to be overcome before he ever schooses one right girl!


After posting my first comment I realized something else. Brad is right. He did the right thing. If it is THAT hard to choose between two women, then there is no way he can be in love with one of them. When you love someone you KNOW you love them. I think he was undeniably attracted to both. Very much so. And maybe somewhere down the line if he had the chance to continue and see both, one of the two women would have stand out. Then again, maybe not. But Brad, you did the right thing :) It took a lot of courage too I'm sure but time...THINK before you talk! hugs


I guess that is what the famous line " follow your heart" means :) It is sad that Brad's heart had no one to follow. These two last women were very special. They both had a lot to offer. In my opinion, although Deanna had the "father knows best" kinda mom and wife charisma, Jenni, on the other hand was the promise of a long and intense relationship. Both of these women truly deserves to be loved. I hope Brad comes back next season. Everyone deserves a second chance hehe! I sure would'nt miss the show!!!!

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