Bobby Brown at BET Awards
Bobby Brown poses here at the 2013 BET Awards. He's looking a little plump these days.


Regardless to what the family thinks, if you love Bobbi K you need to realize that she loves Nick and needs him by her side at this time. Mr. Brown, you and Whitney had your quarrels and disagreements and many people blamed you for a lot of things in her life but the two of you also seemed to love each other. The power of touch, a voice of a loved one, can do wonders in healing a person. Bobbi might be able to hear all but I know that she is wanting Nick to be there. He, along with GOD, might be the answer to bringing her out of this. I would suggest you not keep him away and then regret later that you did not do what you know Bobbi would want. You do not have to leave him in the room with her alone but please allow him to visit with her for HER sake.

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