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This Carrie Prejean photo is courtesy of B!isss Magazine. Would Jesus really approve of such a pose?!?

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I remember when I was a country kid from Podunk, USA, and my first year at college. I wandered into an art class in session to get the instructor to initial my "ädd" card. I turned around and there was a naked lady all laid out on a blanket. I had never seen a girl nude in my life! I turned red as a beet when the class started chiding at me. I got the picture. Carrie, you didn't do anything wrong, and it's your right to express yourself in any manner you wish, and the sight of a nude female is observing nature at it's finest. Like a tranquil lake nestled in a green valley, or a gorgeous sunset closing out the day, anything natural should be our choice to view. If you those of you are offended just turn the page, switch channels, close the tab, shut the door, or drop the class!


Who exactly knows what Jesus may think, better yet what would he think of those that have judged her. It is not for us to judge. lets also look at the root cause of this, which is clearly discussed in the bible, a man shall leave his mother and father and be united to his wife.
She obviously was young when the topless photo's and now sex tape were taken. For the most part in this country we are not responsible for the acts commited before our 18th birthday, I'm sure many of us (males) would be sentenced for sex crimes after our 18th birthday.
Let those without sin cast the first stone, there is not many who can.
therefore lets excersize our right in this country, free speech! and not condem those that do. We may not like what some may say, but then again do they like what we say!


Perez SUCKS! Well, we knew that! But he should just go kill himself. He's a total disappointment to his parents, I'm sure. He's probably considered suicide in the past. He should revisit that thought. Die, you terrorist!


Ya know what, after viewing the photos, seeing the hair color change, learning that she (Carrie Prejean - Miss California and 1st runner up Miss USA) had enhancing breast implant surgery, noting that she has moderate scoliosis and that all of her "fake" stuff distracts one from recognizing that she really "is not" that gorgeously pretty, I have come to the conclusion that any Miss USA contender should be real (all original equipment). So not really worth viewing a fake, one might get just as much pleasure out of viewing an anime.


Jesus would have loved it


Perez the fat queer with the weasel face and his faggy voice and his fatass should go to hell!


obviously Jesus would be all over her..."forgive me Father, forgive me Father"


Wow! She is hot! With that being said why are you folks trying so hard to find dirt on this woman? If this is the best you can do I think she has passed the morality test.


what a whore, i think i'm in love