Biggest Loser Winner
Michael Ventrella dropped more pounds than any contestant in show history. He fell from 526 to 262. Amazing!

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Wow! Who knew there was such a good looking dude under all of that? You are such an inspiration to us Mike. I hope your future is as bright as your present, and that ALL of your dreams come true.


Mike, if you read this, i'll be really happy. I was and still am a big fan of this show, and you have brought me to tears. It must be so hard to be so oveweight, so different to people. But you lost over 260 ponds in 19 weeks! You stay motivated even if everybody else thinks that you wont make it. I actualy thought that at the finaly, you would be 400 pounds but you proved me wrong! keep on lossing the extra pounds. But if you ask me, you are gorgeous and with another 20 pounds lost, you could be even hotter! love u, and pleeeeeeeeeeeeeze dont copy Erik Chopins


Holy Mother of Pearl!! I fell in love with him from the start and I'm so happy he was able to make it through and win. God Bless Him.



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