Big in Tokyo
This shot of Adam Lambert was taken during a Tokyo concert. The crowd went nuts during his concert there.

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He can get by with anything because he has the vocals to back it up! Plus, he looks good no matter what he wears. The boy could be a model!


been watching him on YouTube all through his world travels this last month....he is incredibly talented and brings a huge underground madness to rock 'n roll yet backs it up with mind-boggling vocals. He is extremely talented. If you've ever seen his acoustic versions of his songs, it strips the eye candy and leaves you mesmerized at his singing ability and sincerity and depth of music. Not that you don't call that perfect face anything BUT eye candy....he's a gorgeous human being in every way. The men in the world can start being jealous right now because Adam has every woman eating out of his hand and glad to be doin' it!!!!!~


Adam is a Superstar!
He's gonna conquer the world!!!

Avatar he performing at a mall!! I didn't know people still did that.....weird.....

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Tokyo Concert
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