Beyonce in Concert
Beyonce has it all: a successful singing career, riches beyond imagination and a famous, handsome husband.

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Beyonce is d best,love her so much.


Interesting........having it 'all"....
Since when is her hubby handsome? Nothing special about him at all.....except he has a pocketfull of does she.


Interesting definition of "all" - she may well have what constitutes a more in depth definition of "all" but it would be nice if the celeb industry could incorporate that as well. How about something involving character content and substance of personality? Career success, wealth and a great looking husband hardly constitute a complete recipe for happiness and the pinnacle of achievement.

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Beyonce Booty Baby
Beyonce Knowles is multi-talented and multi-awesome! Aside from being beautiful, she can sing and act pretty well, too. Not a shabby... More »
Houston, Texas
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I don't wanna be a hot girl - I wanna be iconic.


There are responsibilities that come along with this life ... trying to have a romantic meal without someone sneaking in to film the whole thing.