Betsy Brashear Mug Shot
Betsy Brashear has been charged with attempting to commit lewd acts on a minor. That being a teenage boy at the gym she works at.

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If a 24-year old man was caught kissing (and doing whatever else Brashear did) a 15-year old girl, I doubt anyone would take issue with the term pedophile being used; and I presume he would have been charged with more than a "lewd act." Some of you are saying that 15-year old boys are always horny. Even if 15-year old boys are always horny, that doesn't therefore mean adults can take advantage of them. This is an issue of power and responsibility. There's a huge power, developmental, and experience gap between a 15-year old boy with his mom and a full-grown 24-year old woman. Finally, 15-year old girls aren't horny too. Really? They seemed pretty horny back when I went to school with them. It just seems whenever this type of thing happens, the boys sexuality is exaggerated; but when this happens to a girl, the girl's sexuality is downplayed. Oh, and will Brashear have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life like a man would need to? I doubt it. Misandry.

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