Bethenny Frankel and Family
Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy are seen here with their adorable daughter. All three have shot to fame thanks to their Bravo reality series.


No need to bash Bethenny, here own Selfish Mother is doing a very good job taking here own Daughter apart.What kind of Mother dies this to her very own child.I could understand why Bethenny hates her, she really was never a Mother to her Daughter, she was jealous of her very own Child. What Mother does this? Bethenny's Mother.Brendan.


Please Please leave Bethenny and her family alone,I do not beleive this ridiculious accusation and if the sea situation was false what do you people expect this is reality tv so GET OVER IT.Ps i loveee Bethenny and her family.So you go girl and continue to make those haters hate!!!!!


Please Please leave Bethenny and her family alone about this ridiculious accusation and if it was to be false what do you expect this is reality tv.Get over it already and Ps i loveeee Bethenny and her family. You go girl make those haters hate.....

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