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Ben Flajnik stands accused of cheating on Courtney Robertson. A lot.

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If these two make it as a couple...they both need to GROW UP!!


I think he got just what he wanted and that was her. but what man would listen to any one who said skinny dipping was wrong at his age. come on now. he liked what he saw, no morales or anything, thats what he wanted, it was the girls who were fooled by him not other way around.. yes, courtney wasnt very nice, and i dont like her, but takes 2 and he gave in time and time again. if he gets dumped, its his fault


i think he got just what he wanted, and i dont think shes great looking, but i dont know her well enough to call her bad names, just know she was very ugly to the other women and very conceited. never known a single young man not to agree to skinny dip, so his morales and principles go out the door. i dont think he was the man the girls thought he was

Lauren gardner

So, who was everyone saying was the Whore?


i hate courtney she is a slut waiting for a guy and she needs to get a life. ben deserves whatever somes to him if he picks courtney. i mean who would want that. she's not even that pretty. SLUT!!!!!! LOSER!!!!! JEALOUS!!!!! three words that describe her very very well. get a life courtney no one loves you(except for stupid ben flajnik)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Courtney Robertson is a contestant on the 16th season of The Bachelor, starring Ben Flajnik. He has been painted early on as the... More »
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