Bella and Boyfriends
New Moon stars Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at Comic-Con in July 2009. The San Diego media event has never sucked so bad. Get it? Vampire reference?

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robert is so tall!


Yeah , mim's right ,
They -Rob & Kristen- look soooow cute toghether ,
Hope they are dating ,


i was just thinking that! she is always leaning towards rob, whether he's on left or right of her! i hope they are together!


Kristen is never standing straight. Her one leg is always crossed towards Rob, whether he is on her right or left.


Even in these pics, you can feel the heat between Rob and Kristen. Kristen's body language is totally giving her away. They need to admit it already. I can't take too much more.

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New Moon: Comic-Con
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