Bathing Suit on Stage
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Nice bathing suit, Miley Cyrus. The singer went for this odd outfit during a concert in Rio.

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Miley Cyrus screeches into this microphone in Rio. We'd call it "singing," but that isn't really apt. It's really more like a dying animal's final sounds.

What is This Outfit?!?

We don't care if Miley Cyrus dresses scantily. But we do care if she looks like an idiot. What is this, a swimsuit?!?

In Rio

Miley Cyrus got down and rocked out at a performance in Rio. This is part of her new image tour, in which Miley dresses like a street walked and steals the acts of past artists such as Britney Spears.

Grinding It Up

You might wanna turn away, Liam Hemsworth. This is how Miley Cyrus rocks out on stage with her back-up dancer in the next phase of her career.

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Miley in Rio
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Well hey if Beyonce etc. can get on stage and dance around in barely nothing, who's to say this twit can't do it either? Only difference here is Beyonce can sing!


sorry, teenager. i was thinking in spanish.


first of all, it's not in rio, it's a multiple day concert called rock in rio in madrid. so you should change that, cause she was in europe, not brazil.
second of all, although she was dressed a bit slutty, she has an amazing body so good for her to show it off, she's beautiful, i was at the concert, and she sings super good, and yes, LEAVE HER ALONE.
if you seriously don't care about her and think she's pathetic, why do you dedicate so many posts to her? YOU'RE pathetic and unoriginal.
and last, she's 17 and when you're 17, you don't want to be seen as an innocent little girl. at that age, EVERYONE acts older than they are. IT'S CALLED BEING AN ADOLESCENT.


I'm jus not even going to say anything because you people already know what iam about to say. But anyways this is jus flat out WRONG! is she even looking at what she's waring when she puts it on? this is beyond ''Inapropriate'' if she even knows what that word even mean? Well it's kinda obvious!