Bad Role Models
Here's a good message to send your kids, Jon and Kate Gosselin. Let's ride motorcycles in front of them.

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I have NEVER seen this show. But just from the headlines I see about them all over the place.... I guess I dont understand the hype? Why is it that Americans are so fascinated with watching this family distroy themselves on national television? What is this doing to those kids? There should be some kind of child abuse laws preventing these parents from subjecting there kids to this.


Let me guess Sherrie, Michael Jackson and OJ were innocent as well, right? I can't stand people who still carry on for someone when all the facts.evidence is pretty overwhelming that the accused are creeps and guilty. So what realm of "la-la" land do you reside at?


Its unfortunate that everyone has nothing better to do than judge this family:( I don't think you have walked an inch, let alone a mile in their shoes, so maybe you shouldn't point fingers until you take a LONG look in the mirror! or maybe take care of there eight kids for a week, so they can take a little time off from all the CRAP(tv show, book signings,speaking engagements etc.) and spend some time together to remember why they got married in the first place!

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