Bad Extensions
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Seriously, Heidi Montag's hair looks terrible. It's not as bad as her singing, of course. Nothing is.

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Heidi in Rehearsal

Heidi Montag rehearses for something. What, we can't say, but we can promise you it wasn't good.

What an Ass

Heidi Montag shows off her toned booty. Guess she hasn't had any implants or work done on that ... but give it time.


Heidi Montag sucks. She is dreadful at singing, dancing, reading cue cards on The Hills ... you name it. But she's famous, that's for sure.

Bendin' on Over

Heidi Montag works that body good. This rehearsal, whatever it's for, was likely as dreadful as you're thinking.

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Her body looks absoloutly PERFECT! so what if she's not the best singer i'd still pay money to see her


I'd bet both legs and arms that she still has more talent than you. I mean c'mon, your a writer who just hates on people. How pathetic are you? Nobody worse than someone who just slings mud. You might think you have a leg up on Heidi Montag but in the don't. She's already made more money than you will ever make in your lifetime and I can guarantee that she's more fit, and healthy than you, knowing that 75% of americans are overweight. Yes, I'm going to guess with the "FAKE BODY" comments that you are jealous of her body thus obviously putting you in the 'overweight' category. Am I right? Of course I am. It's easy to tell from your jealous, hateful comments.