Baby Time for Kim?
Is it really baby time for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries? Not if this cover story is trying to say she's pregnant?

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Whats with these kardashians and babies - babies are not toys - neither do they add a thing to romance in the first few years of a marriage. For gosh sake already - give the marriage certificate time to dry. Babies need a secure place to come into this life. They probable are planning to have a nurse on hand to drop the child with as soon as it stops being fun listening to a crying child. Babies cry- that is what they do best besides fill a diaper,. how is that romantic in a few months of a new marriage? These people are just plain nuts and money hungry - anything for a buck..Forgive them God, they know what they do --- this is the righteous word accordian to Catalina - wise goddess of the real world.


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