Baby Bumped to the Max
This is just creepy. Kendra Wilkinson should not be making money off her pregnancy by posing for magazine covers.

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i love that belly i think you should keep maken babes and make more pictures and should make movies of u rubing that sexy pregnant belly i love u so much


I think she looks extremely cute and should not be ashamed of showing off her pregnancy. Are we regressing in times when women should hide at home and never be seen until after the baby is born. NOOOOOO WAYYYYY and shame on you "Hollywood Gossip" for talking bad about her. Having a child is a wonderful event, so I applaud her and the fact that she looks healthy, and happy. Go Kendra!!!!!!!!!!!! Why do you not complain about other celebrities who pose for baby bump pics, or sell pics of their new borns. Sounds hypocritical to me!!!


Put a ball gag on that skank and I'd still tap that ass.


I don't find nothing embarrassing about showing off your pregnancy, because it's something beautiful. It is true that there where a couple off unflattering pics of her and her belly, but it could have been a bad choice of pose. But still I understand that she would love to have the whole world know she's having a baby, I knw I would. I don't know if she wanted to profit from it, and in that case it would be wrong, but maybe they just offered and she accepted. I don't think she would go hunting for a magazine that wanted a pregnant celebrity. Or did she? Well I don't know, but if I looked that good in a bathing suit while pregnant I would wear one too.

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