Awful Hairstyle
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Kim Kardashian just happened to talk past paparazzi members with a new hairstyle in late 2010. She's clearly desperate for attention.

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Krazy Kornrows

We mean no offense by this Kim Kardashian, but it must be said: you look absolutely ridiculous.

Looking Absurd

Kim Kardashian has no talent. Therefore, she much go to extreme, cornrowed lengths in order to make headlines.

New, Crazy Hairstyle

Kim Kardashian debuts this look in December of 2010. What do you think of the braids?


Words can't really express how we feel about this look. What do you make of Kim Kardashian with cornrows?

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Kim Kardashian with Kornrows
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I was watching the tally the other day and saw the kardashians and asked everybody who they were ? NOBODY KNOWS. Its a shame because the girls are not that beautiful!


who is this woman anyway?what are they?who do they represent?


well i dont think its awful or for desperate attention. We i mean its not like she wearing the hairstyle to the grammies or something and i wear cornrolls all the time and you can judge as
much as you want but i dont think cornrolls is an awful hairstyle. not a kim fan but I defend her.
she looks like the same kim kardashian i know so i dont see what the big deal is but you having a bad sense of what fashion is! fashion is wat you make it. If kim wants to have dreads let her be free enough to do it cuz its her body and let her have fun!