Aviva's Dark Side
Has Aviva gone over to the dark side with her constant complaints and whining in "Vacation, All I Ever Wanted" on The Real Housewives of New York City.

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Christine j koszela

Avila....SHUT UP ALREADY!! At the lunch with Ramona....What a Self-Righteous Piece of work you are!! What Ramona should've told you:
"instead of wasting my time continuing your EMBARRASSING Tirade...why don't you spend the time at your Leg maker, having them make you a leg
to KICK MY ASS!!" Aviva, how about FIXING YOUR DISGUSTING FATHER WHO THINKS HE IS SO GOOD LOOKING!! He needs to be in a home with women his OWN AGE!! My opinion of you can't be written...my opinion of your DISGUSTING father...."ESKEDOSO". Fall off the show, Your time is up!! Reid, put her on a plane, alone, of course, and WE ALL CAN SAY "GOODBYE TO BAD RUBBISH!"

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