Autograph Signing
Lady Gaga signs for fans. Why, we have no idea. Maybe so they can tell people they saw her in person one day.

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Lady GaGa is amazing. She is really out there and freaking GaGa! My Idol!


I love Lady Gaga so much!!!!! I hope that I will meet her in person on day. That will be the best day of my live. Greetings from Belgium!!!


She is left handed. Another reason to love her! And I for one would love to meet her in person. At least she has a personality. I agree with George. Enough of the rude comments about this wonderfully talented person.


i love lady gaga's fashion sense at all..


the comments on all the gallery's are always really rude and aimed at being offensive to the artist if you have a problem with them then why are you talking bout them ? don't write comments behind their back tell them to their face you complete twat
GAGA power
ps im not just saying this because i love lady gaga

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Gaga in NYC
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Lady Gaga Biography

Lady GaGa in Concert
Lady GaGa is a musician songwriter, penning songs for pop acts such as the Pussycat Dolls. Lady GaGa is an up and coming solo artist,... More »
New York, New York
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Joanne Stefani Germanotta