Autism Letter
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A shocking letter sent to the family of a boy with autism. That is as sad as it gets.

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Is this even real? I cannot imagine some one writing such horrific things. I understand a neighbors frustration if the kid is extremely loud and it is affecting their daily life- but she could have dealt with this much differently. I do believe the neighbor has a point when she said that a lot of parents to disabled children feel they should be untouched and treated differently because their child's handicap. I feel terrible for the parents of the one wants to receive such a horrible letter. Plus, parents of mentally handicap children usually have enough stress in their lives so they do not need something like this. My prayers are with the entire community. We all need to have more patience and 'Love thy neighbor!' Maybe this lady could have offered to go to the park with the woman and her handicap child! Why not help a family instead of just trying to bring them down? This is not the World I want my children to live in!


Karma is a Bitch as they say. This pissed of mother should be grateful non of her kids are special needs children.
Not really sure she would ever pray but if she does maybe she should Pray that None of her family is ever born with special needs and come in contact with such an Evil person such as she ! She should ask for forgivenes from God And This Young Man & His Family as Well !


One day you will be face to face with the maker of that beautiful child and will accountable for your hatred and anger. If you don't believe in a greater power, you will have grandchildren one day, karma is a bitch.


If I had received this letter as a mom, I would have gone to a level of crazy that makes satan look like a Saint. Esp. if I found out who had written the letter.


Whoops, ignore me. The bottom of the letter was cropped on my screen.


I completely agree that this is horrible, but why does everyone assume this is a woman author? It's hard for me to believe anyone with an ounce of maternal instincts would write something so horrible.


What a nasty bitch! I feel sorry for HER kids. Especially if they make "noise". She probably beats the shit out of them


What a bitch. I would hunt this One Pissed Off Mother down and show her an Even More Pissed Off Mother


Wow!! If I received a letter like this I wouldn't stop letting him go outside. ... then I would write a letter to every single person that lives on that block and tell them that they are to normal to live on that block with my child and also if they don't like what he or she doing outside don't pay the f*** attention and have a fantastic day... Oh and they can shove this letter up their asses what a bunch of dumb ass people