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Aubrey O'Day likes to say she's a lesbian. Hey, whatever will make headlines for the singer!

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It seems some woman didn't recognize what prostitution mean, what is, and how it destroy the society, the family. How could be possible they want respect when they didn't respect the whole society, I mean, they are social sex offenders even they have a beautifull body. this is a public site. Years later they apologize for what they do before. Where is morality?

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Aubrey O'Day was actually fired as the singer of Danity Kane in the fall of 2008. She's kind of weird looking, but can occasionally come... More »
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I usually watch black guys doing white girls, that's my little fetish, even though in real life race isn't a factor for me. Really, I'm more turned on by watching the girls than the guys. I love someone who looks like they're really into sex.

Aubrey O'Day

I’m dating like five guys.

Aubrey O'Day