Ashley Hebert Tortured!
Poor Ashley Hebert. Tortured for her looks. That sounds rough for The Bachelorette!

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Cindy, you sound like your ego is bigger than those fat cheeks you got there. Such a shallow bimbo!


Awesome body. When I was younger and looked like that, I was very insecure too! Be thankful for what you look like Ash.... I'm 54 now and have the breasts, but I've also gained weight everywhere else. You will always be petite I think, so keep doing what you are doing! You look great! Best wishes! Cindy M.

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Ashley Hebert Biography

The Bachelor: Ashley H.
Ashley Hebert is a contestant on The Bachelor. She hails from Maine and is now a dental student at the University of Pennsylvania. She... More »
Madawaska, Maine
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Ashley Hebert