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Another nice Ashley Alexandra Dupre pic ... Eliot Spitzer's call girl is pretty cute, what can we say. Guy at least has good taste. Morally bankrupt and hypocritical, but he's got good taste. Ashley Alexandra Dupre, you're okay in our book!

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Ashley Dupre From Behind

It's a nice view. You gotta admit.

Reality Star Hodgepodge

Jake Pavelka, Heidi Montag, Ashley Dupre and Danielle Staub. All filming one reality show. Amazing but true.

Sort of Nude

Yes, Ashley Dupre is nude in this photo, courtesy of her May 2010 Playboy spread. Sadly, you can't see much - but that won't be the case if you purchase the actual magazine!

Ashley Dupre Nude Picture

Ashley Dupre nude in Playboy. Does it get any better than this? Actually it does, by a lot, but what are you gonna do. Besides ogle this whore. We're not putting her down, she was an actual whore.

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This is just the beginning so brace yourselves. What's worse is that this tramp is going to be making millions off of this scandal. She'll be getting book deals, making TV appearances, and spreading her legs for Playboy. She's not bad looking by any means, but definitely not the "10" many people are claiming she is.


I wonder if Spitzer got to lick her A ssh*le? or smell it? She does have a cute tush from what I hear.....


There is a reason that they call it the world's oldest profession. I don't condone what they did, but if they'd been in Nevada it would have been legal if morally wrong. The state of male female relationships has changed significantly in the past twenty five years and it could be argued that communication is getting worse not better (see the current alltime high divorce rates). I don't think people like ES are morally bankrupt just flawed like most of us. He made a personally tragic decision. One can only surmise why. Judge not, lest ye be judged!


Tramp! dirty slut!


Ms. Dupre you are such a WHORE!!! LEGSPREADER!! SLUT!!! not a lady at all. No guy(not a decent one anyway) would want something serious with you! you just ruined yourself! stupid slut. GUESS YOUR MUSIC WASN'T PAYIN' THE BILLS!


Ok spitzer is a total sleaze bag for cheating on his wife and for doing what he did, but why is this WHORE getting attention, thats right she is nothing but a whore...he is wrong and she is wrong we need to stop giving her press, she should serve jail time like any other slut would...