Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson
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Wow. Arnold Klein is a dermatologist and the actual father of Michael Jackson's three children. No one saw that coming. Except Us Weekly, who reported it.

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I worked for a dermatologist in Encino many years ago, where Dr. A. Klein did an internship on Moh's Surgery. This was in the early 1980's. to mid 90's. He is the biological father of at least the first two. but, being in the same position as THESE children myself, as my Dadsaid to my on that horrible day. "I don't care who F&*(%$d your mother!! " I am your DAD. LEAVE THE KIDS ALONE, ALTHOUGH NOT A HUGH FAN OF MJ. HE DID DESERVE PRIVACY ABOUT HIS CHILDREN. HIS APOPTED CHILDREN BUT NOT THE CHILDREN HE WAS ACCUSED OF HURTING. I SO BELIEVE THIS TO BE TRUE.


I think Michael was put through enough by the press and his children should be left with the good memories of their father! We need to remember they are suffering with a great loss.


This is very interesting information! I thought that man without the seminal glands can not have children! The fact is that Dr. Arnold Klein still in his youth had a serious problem with potency. So he underwent surgery in 1994, that is, his seminal glands removed, because he had big problems with the prostate gland and doctors feared the worst. The main thing is that the man was alive, while the children would be to adopt. Hmm, strange that this information no one has took into account. In addition, the doctor Klein has a problem with being overweight, as he is constantly forced to take hormones, so as not to have problems with the vocal cords in the first place, and much more...
I apologize for the details, but this is life...


michael jackson i love forever


All the rumors regarding MJs children is sure to affect them emotionally. They'll ask "who am I". I hope and pray they are being shielded from all the rumors surrounding their parentage.


WHAT IS/ARE YOUR/OTHER MEDIA'S PROBLEM(S)??? Regarding MJ: You've hounded MJ now he's dead and now your are going for his children, WHY??? Don't you have a life? What medical evidence do you have that he couldn't bear children??? Africans/Black/Ethiopian/Niger/Cush... Niger does mean Black, do give birth to children like Michael's. E.G Mariah Carey, Leona Lewis, Jordan Sparks.... Diana Ross's son's; they look Asian. WE ARE THE MOTHERS AND FATHERS OF THE HUMAN RACE. You should know this by now!!!


regardless whoever is the sperm donor to these beautiful children, it is he who cares and loves for the child/children is the father. hands down, this awesome singer loved these kids with all of his heart. R.I.P. MIKE WE WILL MISS YOU FOREVER!


i love mj